Hyper Street Fighter II




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Vitesse des coups montrés = vitesse de SFII et SSFII =  <HSFII Turbo 0>

sfII normal : boule orange !

chun-li jaune écran sélection!

Pour les coups à réaliser près de 'ladversaire, distinguer CINQ niveaux (?)


P ou K = couleur normale

START = 2e couleur


SSFII / SSFIIT - COULEUR PERSONNAGE selon qu'on sélectionne avec tel bouton + en premier ou en 2e

SPECIAL = P ou K pendant 1 seconde (pas START)

LP (button 1) = couleur normale
MP (button 2) = 2e couleur
HP (button 3) = 3e couleur

LK (button 4) = 4e couleur
MK (button 5) = 5e couleur
HK (button 6) = 6e couleur

START = 7e couleur

si LP pris, => MP
si MP pris, => HP
si HP pris, => LK

si LK pris, => MK
si MK pris, => HK
si HK pris, => START

si START pris, => LP

si SPECIAL pris, => LP

SFIIT 2e couleur = couleur d'origine SFIICE sauf pour Bison car sa couleur SFIIT ne change pas, sa 2e couleur est donc grise

SSFII et SSFIIT = mêmes couleurs SAUF la 1ere couleur, qui diffère (dans SSFIIT, la 1ere couleur de SSFII est réservée à la version spéciale SUPER des persos, voir codes ci-dessous)

CODES pour la Version Super des persos de SSFIIT (suivi de LP ou FP). Pour avoir la couleur du joueur 2 (couleur non visible a l'écran de sélection), LK doit être maintenu lorsque LP ou FP est enfoncé.

Ryu - RRRL                 T. Hawk - RRLL
Ken - LLLR                 Cammy - UUDD
E. Honda - UUUD         Dee Jay - DDUU
Chun Li - DDDU         Fei Long - LLRR
Zangief - LRRR             Balrog - RLLR
Blanka - RLLL             Vega - LRRL
Guile - UDDD                 Sagat - UDDU
Dhalsim - DUUU            M. Bison - DUUD


Remarque : n'importe quel bouton peut être entré entre chaque bouton, le code fonctionnera tout de même.



O.Sagat, O.Ken, and O.Hawk are the only old characters that are clearly better than their new counterparts. Despite losing their Super moves, and the ability to soften throws, they all gain more than enough to compensate for those loses.

O.Sagat is generally considered to be the best character in the game. His Tiger Shots can zone opponents effectively from full screen for entire rounds without them having a chance at getting in. He can throw a slow then fast Tiger Shot, and they both must be blocked and will do chip damage, and there is no in-between frame for the opponent to avoid the second shot. And he can throw Tiger Shots in such a way, by changing his patterns, that jumping at him will only get you smacked out of the air by a Tiger Uppercut.

O.Ken, while losing his knee-bash, Super, and jumping medium kick for deceptive cross-ups, gains better fireballs, and gains dragon punches that are invincible until they reach their respective apex. Ken's invincible dragon punches give him one of the strongest close range option selects in the game (the auto mix-up aka the shoto mix-up). There are not many attacks at close range, that when started on the same frame as O.Ken's jab dragon punch, can beat or even trade with it.

O.Hawk has better normals almost across the board, all of his jabs are better, his low roundhouse is much faster to sweep opponents, his low strong doesn't have a stray hitbox, and his splash has a hitbox that is almost twice as large as N.Hawk's splash. The splash allows him to cross people up with lethal damage and dizzy potential. O.Hawk also has better dragon punches, and combined with his better normals, more than makes up for his loss of a Super throw and the ability to soften throws.

O.Honda is closely competitive compared to his N.Character counterpart but he's not as good overall. O.Honda loses his command throw, HHS that advances forward, his Super, and the ability to soften throws. He gains some better normals, HHS that can be steered, and HHS that recover very quickly. O.Honda's crouching fierce punch can knocks down, and many of his low kicks look the same but only the roundhouse version knocks down which can be deceptive to guard against. O.Honda's HHS recover quickly enough that you can use them to tick into O.Honda's throws and holds.

O.Ryu, O.Chun, O.Boxer, and O.Guile, all have enough advantages that they can still be considered competitive, though not nearly as much as their N.Character counterparts. O.Fei, O.Zangief, and O.Dhalsim have had success at competitive levels though it has been extremely limited. While none of these characters are in the same league as their better halves they aren't completely absent from competitive play either.

O.Cammy, O.Blanka, O.DJ, O.Dictator, and O.Claw are not really competitive at all compared to their N.Characters. The only time you will see these characters being used is in casual play.